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See below for programs not available through our online registration system.

Price, Length & Age

Listed here are basic information and prices for our more prevalent programs. For exact pricing, view the program in the online registration system using the button above.

Program Age Length Price
Afterschool Quests varies Five sessions, 1.5 hours each $90, modified based on length
Adventure Quest 6-17 5-day, 5 hours (“half day”) $299, prorated for shorter weeks
Adventure Quest 6-17 5-day, 6.5 hours (“3/4 day”) $389, prorated for shorter weeks
Adventure Quest 8-17 5-day, 8 hours (“full day”) $479, prorated for shorter weeks
Adventure Quest Overnight 9-18 4-day, 3-night overnight $645, includes meals and lodging
Star Quest 10-17 Like Adventure Quest Like Adventure Quest
Quest & Quill 9-17 Like Adventure Quest Like Adventure Quest
Knight CIT 14-18 Like Adventure Quest Half the cost of Adventure Quest
Heroes Academy Overnight 14-18 3-day, 2-night overnight $299, includes lodging not meals
Friday Game Night 12-18 Six sessions, 4 hours each $169, modified based on length

Important Highlights for 2017

  • New Registration Software! Renaissance Adventures has switched to CampBrain, with an easier user interface and clearer information. Hopefully you like it!

  • Introducing the Sword Skirmish Club! At some sites, we are adding an option to extend programming every day by an extra 1.5 hours. In these more free-form periods, Questers gather in larger groups to explore one or more areas of focus that appeal to them. Examples include:

    • Skirmish Battles and Raids (extended “boss battle” scenario)
    • Sword Games (capture the flag, revenge, spy, etc.)
    • Mini-Questing (short improvised adventure with birthday rules, no additional treasure or XP earned)
    • Tactics Workshop (learning how to sword duel, utilize AQ powers, work together as a team)
    • Gamecraft (discuss and playtest new powers, secret paths, and game rules)
    • Quest Design (small teams of Questers design and lead scenes for other teams to quest)
  • Health Forms must be completed before joining a program. After you create your account (or after you register for the first program in the calendar year), you must also complete this form. If you do not complete all necessary forms by the online registration deadline, you will be assessed a $25 fee and likely need to fill out a paper copy when you arrive at the program. Even if you complete a paper copy, you still must submit an online copy.
  • A $25 administrative fee is charged for the first program that you register for in a calendar year. This off-sets the costs we incur for transferring and updating our complex database and program requirements. This administrative fee may be waived if the first program is an afterschool or other short program.

Programs without Online Registration

Looking for a Renaissance Adventures program that is not in our online registration system? Find it here.

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