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Adventure Quest - fun summer camp for kids

Do not Compare to our Immersive & Intensive Teen Programs

All Heroes Academy programs give mature teens a transformative experience within intensive programs. Besides “out of game” assistance and safety oversight, our staff do not interfere in the decisions and consequences of the group’s actions. Because of this structure, the participants must overcome challenges on their own, including the “Heroes Journey” challenges of internal growth in the areas of accountability, leadership, honor, and planning.

Heroes’ Empire

Fantasy live-action roleplaying village for ages 14+

Join Joaquin, Breanna, and other RA Quest Leaders at the Heroes Academy – Empire!

Formidable missions, nighttime ambushes, wayfarer inn merriment, and a monster-laden wilderness to explore! Teens band together in small groups with RA Quest Leaders, while engaging with an immersive village co-created by 25+ costumed adult live-action roleplayers. Camp in rustic cabins or tents and roleplay with rogues, sorcerers, knights, and monstrous foes!

In a well-established fantasy setting, participants play a character using the NERO game system. Costumes are required at all times during the Heroes’ Empire weekend event. Game rules and character creation/advancement is explained the Friday night of the event.

Heroes Empire differs from Heroes Alliance in that character vs. character interactions (including battle) is permitted, which creates a system that allows for participants to explore “dishonorable” themes, and to deal with consequences and conflict due to those decisions.

Program Locations

Heroes Academy programs vary locations based on the program. These transformative weekends take place at a living village at the edge of a vexing wilderness!

All Empire events are held at Beaver Ranch in the Conifer Community Park.

Conifer Community Park
11369 S Foxton Rd.
Conifer, CO 80433.

Get directions to Conifer Community Park.

See our Program Calendar for upcoming Heroes Academy sessions.

Program Details

  • Ages 14 to 18 years old

  • Costumes are required at all times during the Heroes’ Alliance weekend event.

  • Unique immersive experiences unlike any other

  • Participants get to try out strategies – either ‘honorable’ or ‘dishonorable’ and experience the consequences in a safe setting

  • Teens get to interact with adults playing in the same game system

  • Participants will get a packing list that includes the need for some camping gear.

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An unbelievably unique resource in this “screen” culture, thrills and feeds and exercises the imagination in vivo, brings dreams to life.
Jaird de Raismes, mother, meditator, herbalist, investor
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